I consider myself an imaginative writer whose vibrant storytelling is fueled by a deep appreciation for visuals and immersive media. Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of scenes and characters that surrounded me, I embarked on countless heroic adventures in my backyard as a child, literally laying the foundation for the narratives I craft today.

In my writing, I like the focus to remain on the power of interaction. I find myself most fulfilled when I can intertwine each characters' lives in a seamless web of emotions and conflicts. Through dynamic and authentic interactions, I bring my characters to life, inviting readers to become active participants in the unfolding stories.

When I'm not writing, I am usually fueling my imagination with stories that inspire my creativity. Also properly known as binge-watching.

Debut Novel

Discover the Secret of the Spirit Beasts



In the year 2040, a poisonous cloud erupted from the Earth and covered the planet's surface, irradiating everything and everyone unable to find protection from The Eternal Moon. All living creatures of Earth left unprotected vanished completely. That is until animals began to reappear, having evolved into more ethereal beings known as Spirit Beasts.

Now—500 years after the events of The Eternal Moon—join Cavin, a young hero who possesses an insatiable desire to become the greatest Spirit Raizer through Henneka Country’s Quest for Champion. Joined by a small group of loyal companions, Cavin sets forth on his adventure, navigating treacherous landscapes, encountering enigmatic creatures, and unraveling the secrets of Earth’s past.

His journey is soon interrupted by the nefarious Skylight Corp., a formidable enemy force seeking to control and exploit the very essence of the Spirit Beasts for their own gain.

What will happen when Cavin crosses their path, and how is everything in Cavin's time connected to the heroes of Earth's past?


"A delightful mix of quests, animals, and action."

-- Liz Konkel (Reader's Favorite)

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